Yearly Program


1st July 2019 – 30th June 2020

Friday 12th JulyAGM

Workshop – Frames and Flowers

Bench Exhibit -¬† “Hogarth Curve”

Friday 9th August – Workshop – Decoupage and Flowers

Bench Exhibit – “Showtime – Ekka Time”

Friday 13th September – Workshop – Collage/Art

Bench Exhibit – “Tricks of the Trade”

Friday 11th October – Demonstration – Edible Flowers

Bench Exhibit “Take me up the Garden Path”

Friday 8th November - Demonstration with Helen Murray

Bench Exhibit – “Forest Lights”

Friday 13th December – Workshop – Stick Christmas Trees

Bench Exhibit – “Decorate a Gift”

Friday 14th February – Workshop – Floating Ball

Bench Exhibit - “Swept by the Sea”

Friday 13th March – Demonstration – Mechanics

Bench Exhibit – “St Patrick’s Day”

Friday 3rd April – Workshop – Formal Linear

Bench Exhibit “April Showers”

Friday 8th May – Impose – Period Design

Bench Exhibit – “Lemon and Lime”

Friday 12th June – Mass Design

Bench Exhibit – “FANtastic”

Friday 10th July – AGM

Workshop – Contemporary Design

Bench Exhibit “Split Level”