Yearly Program

1st July 2020 – 31st July 2021

Friday 12th July – Demonstration with Lynda Reynolds

Bench Exhibit –  “Split Level”

Friday 7th August – Workshop – Symmetrical Triangle

Bench Exhibit – “Twist and Turn”

Friday 11th September – Workshop – Using a Paddle

Bench Exhibit – “FANtastic”

Friday 9th October – Workshop – Re-Leaf – Wire Work

Bench Exhibit  “Flowers, Fruit and/or Veg

Friday 13th November – TBA

Bench Exhibit – “Bonfire”

Friday 11th December – Workshop – Christmas Table Design

Bench Exhibit – “Decorate a Gift”

Friday 12th February – Demonstration with Heather Prior

Bench Exhibit – “Angled for Effect”

Friday 12th March – Workshop – Contemporary Design

Bench Exhibit – “Childhood Memory”

Friday 9th April – Workshop – No Foam

Bench Exhibit “Using a Figurine”

Friday 14th May – Workshop – Jewellery with Flowers

Bench Exhibit – “Love, Lace and Flowers”

Friday 4th June – Demo/Workshop – Working with Bark

Bench Exhibit – “Still Life”

Friday 2nd July – AGM – Workshop “The Power of One”

Bench Exhibit “In and Out”