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Christmas meeting 2016. Bench Exhibit Annual Awards. Christmas Bench display ” Jingle Bells”.A Fun workshop making Christmas Decorations.

Members enjoyed a super break up party.
The Annual awards were presented. Then members enjoyed a workshop making Christmas decorations.

See the Gallery below for The Bench Display entitled “Jingle Bells”

Presentation of Annual Bench Awards for Advanced, Intermediate and Novice Class.

See gallery below:

A special gift for our little member who enjoys making a design to put along side her mum’s.

Christmas fun Workshop making decorations even the grandchildren came along to join in the fun.

See gallery below:

Happy New Year to everyone. Looking forward to Fun with Flowers in 2017.

If you have enjoyed looking at our galleries come along to our next meeting Friday February 10th 2017.
We will be having a Demonstration of Floral Art. The Bench title is ” Beneath the Waves”.

November 11th 2016 – Demonstration by Sarah Serek and Leigh Williams. Bench Exhibits – “Fireworks”

In November members enjoyed a super demonstration given by Sarah and Leigh.
They had made noodles and used them in a very creative contemporary way as the gallery of photos below show.
As you can see by one of the photos Sarah is able to multitask very well, by that we mean notice Sarah’s baby in his cocoon on Mum’s back. A budding floral designer with no doubt.
Enjoy the photos.

Demonstration Designs.

Members Bench Exibits “Fireworks” Some very creative designs.




September 2016 Meeting – A Workshop on Period Designs. Bench Exhibits – ‘Over and Under’

Members enjoyed a morning creating A period design.
In August members were given an Erea to research and develop a design depicting the given Period.

The Gallery below shows the Period Designs produced.

BENCH EXHIBITS – ‘Over and Under’ Members designs were very creative.
See gallery below for the different classes. Advanced, Intermediate and Novice.

Advanced Class

Intermediate Class

Novice Class

August Meeting 2016. Workshop on Woolly Worms. Bench Exhibit- Caught in the Web

At the August meeting Members gave Lynda the past Club Secretary a farewell Morning Tea, presentation of gifts and a certificate of Life Membership.
Lynda has moved to the Sunshine coast. Lynda had been an active club member since February 2008 when she emigrated from the UK.

Members had an interesting workshop making woolly worms which can be used ia a variety of ways.

The gallery below shows The Presentation by members and The Woolly Worm Workshop which was led by Lynda and Irene our President.

Presentation to Lynda

Woolly Worm Workshop Designs

Bench Exhibits – Caught in the Web.

Some very creative designs
Members had learnt the spider web technique at a previous workshop at the beginning of the year, given by Eleanor Lydon. The technique certainly came into use in the designs above.

July 8th 2016 Meeting – Workshop on Weaving . Bench Exhibits – On the Wild Side

At the July meeting following the AGM members enjoyed a workshop on Weaving with wool, sticks and plant material.
The workshop was led by Leigh Williams.

The gallery below shows some of the creatve works of floral art.

Weaving Workshop.

Bench Exhibits – On The Wild Side

Novice Class

Intermediate Class

Advanced Class

Lonely Bouquet Day Sunday June 26th 2016

Once again Redlands Floral Art Club took part in the International Lonely Bouquet Day.


This is the third year Redlands has taken part.
Members purchase flowers and provide foliage to make nearly one hundred arrangements. This takes place on the Saturday then early on the Sunday morning they are randomly place around the Bayside Suburbs. The bouquets are placed on park benches , outside a variety of buildings i.e hospitals, police station and churches.
See our photo gallery below:

Members enjoying a cold morning at Val’s home making the arrangements.

Delivery Day Sunday 26th June
See Gallery below:

Some happy recipients of the bouquets.

We hope we made a lot of people happy last Sunday. Flowers always add a little cheer into the day. It made us feel happy to be able to make a difference to someones day.

June 2016 Workshop – Swap Impose Bench exhibits A Traditional Posy Table Design

Members enjoyed a swap impose workshop on June 10th. The workshop consisted of members bringing along a container and all the “ingredients” to make a floral design. They then swapped the “ingredients” with their neighbour and produced a design using the neighbours materials.

See below a gallery of the fantastic designs produced.

The Bench Title for June was A traditional posy table design.
See below the gallery showing members exhibits.

Workshop on Spiders web Technique. May 2016 Bench Exhibits: Pave

We were delighted to have Eleanor Lydon from FASQ to come along to show us the technique of making a spiders web.
Eleanor is an experienced floral designer and a Judge.

See the gallery below for Eleanors designs using a spiders web constuction.

Our Members enjoying the workshop with Eleanor’s guidance.
Some neat work was created.

Members Bench work was A Pave Design. Eleanor gave a critique on all the designs which members found very helpful.
See Gallery below for The Pave Designs