August Meeting 2016. Workshop on Woolly Worms. Bench Exhibit- Caught in the Web

At the August meeting Members gave Lynda the past Club Secretary a farewell Morning Tea, presentation of gifts and a certificate of Life Membership.
Lynda has moved to the Sunshine coast. Lynda had been an active club member since February 2008 when she emigrated from the UK.

Members had an interesting workshop making woolly worms which can be used ia a variety of ways.

The gallery below shows The Presentation by members and The Woolly Worm Workshop which was led by Lynda and Irene our President.

Presentation to Lynda

Woolly Worm Workshop Designs

Bench Exhibits – Caught in the Web.

Some very creative designs
Members had learnt the spider web technique at a previous workshop at the beginning of the year, given by Eleanor Lydon. The technique certainly came into use in the designs above.