Lonely Bouquet Day Sunday June 26th 2016

Once again Redlands Floral Art Club took part in the International Lonely Bouquet Day.


This is the third year Redlands has taken part.
Members purchase flowers and provide foliage to make nearly one hundred arrangements. This takes place on the Saturday then early on the Sunday morning they are randomly place around the Bayside Suburbs. The bouquets are placed on park benches , outside a variety of buildings i.e hospitals, police station and churches.
See our photo gallery below:

Members enjoying a cold morning at Val’s home making the arrangements.

Delivery Day Sunday 26th June
See Gallery below:

Some happy recipients of the bouquets.

We hope we made a lot of people happy last Sunday. Flowers always add a little cheer into the day. It made us feel happy to be able to make a difference to someones day.