Redlands Floral Art at Toowoomba September 2015

Two of our members Sarah & Leigh entered the Floral Art Competition in Toowoomba. Despite the very horrendous working conditions, they completed an outside instillation amoungst the gallery of trees. The weather was less than kind to all the competitors storms, & heavy rain but all battled on to complete their designs working from step ladders a lot of the time. The girls design was not placed but we are very proud of their achievement.It was a wonderful design. The theme of their exhibit was Earth Art -” Old paths in new directions”
Thank you Sarah & Leigh for representing Redlands Floral Art Club, well done. Below are some photos of their Exhibit.

” Old Paths in New Directions ”

Sarah & Leigh also took part in a group workshop led by Bart Hassam
Photos of completed instillation with Leigh & Sarah’s design included.
The girls found it a great experience.