November meeting 2014 Demonstration By Herta Vasiloudis

At our November meeting members enjoyed a fantastic contemporary demonstration, given by Herta. Her designs were focused on a contemporary Christmas Theme. Herta showed members many new techniques within her designs as shown by the gallery of photos .
Herta is a member of FASQ & is a freelance floral designer, has entered many competitions and gained awards for her designs. She is presently completing her Judges certificate.


Our Bench Exhibit for November was ” A book title to be named”. Members produced some very interpretive designs. The gallery below shows members designs.


IMG_20141114_091422 IMG_20141114_091509 IMG_20141114_091605 IMG_20141114_110104 IMG_20141114_105954 IMG_20141114_105945 IMG_20141114_093303 IMG_20141114_110149 IMG_20141114_110004 IMG_20141114_091500 IMG_20141114_093320